Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In Flexolution we will evaluate any initiatives for reducing the energy consumption and adapt applicable solutions in order to obtain more environment-friendly approaches and always adhere to the authorities’ statutory requirements and the requirements from other interested parties.

We will evaluate the effects that our operations have on both the local and global environment and is committed to keeping these effects to a minimum. Further, we will analyse the risk of accidental effects on the environment by planning work in order to prevent accidents.

In Flexolution we commit to:

  • Continuously minimizing the environmental impact from the processes that Flexolution control
  • Prioritize the use environmentally friendly products when there is a competitive, known and economically viable option
  • Encouraging the adoption of similar principles by its suppliers

Environmental Objectives

In Flexolution we shall:

  • Strive to obtain zero environmental accidents
  • Reduce our energy consumption
  • Keep the use of hazardous processes and materials at a minimum
  • Evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of each project in Flexolution A/S

Environmental Strategy

We ensure that we meet or exceed the environmental requirements, legislation and regulations as well as our customers’ environmental demands by making all employees on all levels aware of our environmental policies and procedures. Further all employees have access to our environmental management system at all times. This helps us ensuring that our employees’ mind-sets are in alignment with our environmental policy and objectives.

We will ensure that all works performed by Flexolution adhere to the requirements in ISO 14001, thus enabling the management to ensure a sustainable product and control the environmental risks related to our works.