Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

We want our staff to feel equally safe when working as when they are at home. Incidents can be prevented by implementing the right measures and assessing the work place prior to commencing the job. Therefore, all our employees are required to assess the potential risks before initiating work. In Flexolution we will continuously seek to be proactive towards mitigating any potential hazards rather than pursuing a remedial approach.

We strive towards a complete safe working environment for our employees and our surroundings

Our employees will undertake training and be given information in order to possess the required safety competencies that allows them to execute the job in a safe manner. All employees are urged to report any non-compliances or potential hazards immediately to allow us to take immediate action. Further, all employees are advised to provide suggestions on initiatives that may improve the overall safety and working environment.

Any personnel working in or for Flexolution A/S must take responsibility for the working conditions during the execution of a job, which they have an influence on, and is urged to advise third parties of any potential hazards.

Flexolution commits to;

  • Pursue the objective of zero injuries
  • Continuously monitor works to ensure a proactive approach towards safety
  • Prioritize safety above everything to obtain a safe working environment for our personnel

Health & Safety Objectives

In Flexolution we shall:

  • Obtain a safe working environment with zero injuries
  • Continuously monitor occupational health and safety data on all projects

 Health & Safety Strategy

We commit to create a safe working environment for all our personnel, this being Flexolution personnel or subcontractors of Flexolution. All personnel, including sub-contractor personnel, will be advised about our safety policies and given the authority to stop any ongoing work, which Flexolution is responsible for, if the safety of the personnel is somewhat compromised.