Quality Policy

Quality Management

When working in the energy industry time is money, and even the slightest deficiency or delay can have a large impact on the operating time of an asset, which can have fatal economic consequences. It is our policy to ensure that any potential deficiencies and delays are identified and dealt with before impacting the project. This is assured by carrying out all projects and processes in alignment with our clients demands, the applicable legislation and our internal standards. This will ensure that our projects are delivered in the agreed quality, within the agreed time and at the agreed price.

We will at all times continuously improve our processes and our Management System based on the experience and knowledge we gain during operations and projects. We will always maintain our management system in such way that it is applicable to the processes and operation within Flexolution and the products that we provide.

In Flexolution we commit to:

  • Deliver our products and services on time and at the agreed quality
  • Deliver products and services at least as specified by the customer and the applicable legislation
  • Employ and educate highly qualified and skilled labor, whom perform their duties in the best way with regard to the quality of work and the environmental impacts that may be created by their activities

Quality Objectives

In Flexolution we shall:

  • Ensure legislative compliance on all projects
  • Continuously improve the systems and procedures in alignment with ISO 9001 and TS/ISO 29001
  • Always strive meet our clients’ demands with regard to quality, time and price
  • Identify the requirements and ensure compliance with the client’s expectations for each project in Flexulotion A/S

Quality Strategy

By evaluating our performance in collaboration with all parties, we will improve the processes within our company and thus improve the quality.

We continuously improve our internal processes to ensure that the quality of our deliveries meets or exceeds our clients’ demands through improvement proposals and client evaluation meetings. In order to pursue a high quality outcome we ensure that all employees on all levels are aware of our quality procedures and that they make sure that the quality policy is being achieved to the extent possible.

We will ensure that all works performed by Flexolution adhere to the requirements in TS/ISO 9001 and TS/ISO 29001, thus enabling the management to ensure a high quality product and control quality risks related to our works.