Project Management

Project Management, Planning and Control

For any project executed in the energy industry, timeliness, safety, cost and quality is of the essence. In order to fulfill the predetermined goals within these areas a well prepared project team and a well managed project is a necessity.

In Flexolution we have personal experience in turn-key project management and execution in areas ranging from turn-key drilling rig upgrades to major fabrication and installation contracts on power plants. Hence, we are fit to undertake turn-key contracts or take part in other contractors project organization.

We especially put weight on the safety critical environment in which we are working, and the fact that even a days delay on a project can have huge economic consequences.

Therefore, when we undertake a project in Flexolution we ensure:

  • Technical- & Contractual Compliance
  • Project Planning & -Execution
  • Document Handling & Documentation
  • Safety- & Environmental Compliance
  • Financial Controlling

Please contact us for a case study or an in-depth explanation of our experience and tools for project management.